Why aren’t weeds listed as GMO’s?

This week after a healthy rain,  I have healthy weeds.  Not that sort, but the kind that as a last resort,  I use RoundUp.   A substantial amount is basil, which got away from an herb garden several years ago.  The day that Dexter peed on that patch – I was late for his walk and he marked the front yard as we exited the house – was the LAST time my wife used the herb garden out front.   that has seeded all over, in the front yard.  Perhaps this is a metaphor about all the complex things that spring up in a person’s life.   Or perhaps it is just “weeds”.   But this reminded me of an old post I wanted to share again.

via Why aren’t weeds listed as GMO’s? – It’s a Dog’s Life




  1. I sympathise with yoour wife about her basil. Basil is a magnet for everything. I tend to keep mine cloistered in a pot on the verandah. There was a perrenial basil I discovered which I was able to grow for a few years. I am a fan of permaculture, I believe everything balances out in the end and maybe a few weeds can help keep the bugs off everything else. It takes a few years for things to balance out but then the system becomes almost self-sustaining. I had chickens and rabbits and absolutely everything from them just went into the compost bin. There are some herbs you can grow which help discourage animals. I .was a big fan of companion planting https://www.yates.com.au/vegetables/tips/companion-planting/ and I tended to view marigolds as the answer to just about everything. I don’t know that they deter dogs though. Lol =D

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