i don’t dig it

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.  – Anthony J. D’Angelo,  http://www.brainyquote.com

Dogs love to dig.  And they never dig in hard, rocky ground.  They really love to dig in garden soil.   And dig under trees, bushes and ornamental plants that you foolishly think an ornamental fence keeps them out.

Dogs hate it when you come home early, during daylight, on the first nice day after several days of rain and cold and wind.  And you go out to clean up dog poop.  Only to find dirt on the patio, holes in the garden under your new, budding,  fruit trees.    And a gate wide open;   more holes under more plants to be filled in.

I got that Aha! moment.  Yesterday evening, Dexter had dirt down one side of his snout,  head, and a streak on his back.   Not the doggie door mud this time….

“Who did this?”   The clincher is the mortified look on Dexter’s normally goofy face.   And Comet, composed.  Almost pleased with himself.  He’s not in trouble.

But then Comet has his own compulsive behavior.  No plastic bag in the kitchen – which might contain a tasty morsel – is safe.

Does an electric, livestock-zapping fence come in garden sizes for varmints of the canine variety?  I can’t get mad.  They are just dogs doing what dogs do.  Dig it?


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