Saturday smash

My To-do list today:

  1.  dog-walk at Mission Trails Park
  2.  an introductory class that my church sponsored on health
  3. groceries at Costco
  4. demolition of the south inside wall of the garage

Starting with a brisk hike with Dexter, Comet and my buddies, getting physical and spiritual exercise,  I got a little mental exercise,  on the same subjects of physical, mental  and spiritual health.    And once home,  I took another opportunity for mental and physical health, though my mental and physical stimulation was with a sledgehammer.

For perhaps twenty-five years,  prior to my ownership of this home,  a particleboard and hardwood workbench has taken up a third of that garage wall.   Above that bench,  a pegboard that I added originally to hold hand tools and useful items,   for ten years has been a random collection point of things I often look for (yet often look there last).  In the middle of the south wall I suspended a kitchen cabinet, from an old neighbor’s kitchen remodel, for sprays, lubes and various household and car maintenance items I often forgot I had.   All of it came down today.     Untitled design (3)

The best part of this demolition project was pulling out my electric reciprocating saw, a crowbar, and an electric screwgun to take down the pegboard, bench and the cabinet.   But the really fun tool?  After a couple passes with the reciprocating saw, I used a sledgehammer to take down the ancient, very solidly attached bench.  In my enthusiasm,  I almost tweaked the new (year-old) garage door rails in the process.  “Almost”,  as I stopped myself prior to heaving on a heavy board that was nailed into the corner of the garage.  The rail was butted up  to that beam.  I probably would have needed to call a garage door tech (on a Saturday!) had I continued.     It was a close call!

I only suffered one scratch in the process.   Of course, in the time I have taken to write this, my friends and neighbors who are construction workers would have sheathed the garage and run the electrical.  That just makes me tired thinking about it.  I’ll do that this week after work.  After such hard work,  I  need an afternoon nap.



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