one Sunday’s “Super” game

I know it is SuperBowl Sunday.  I may drink a beer and watch some of it, but I did not run out yesterday nor today to get a 75 inch TV for the “big game”.   (Some stores had big sales last week.)   At Costco,  there were the usual crowd buying supplies to feed an army of teenagers ( I remember the week my food bill was cut in half when the last son moved into his own place.) With no strong allegiance either way,  I am not hosting a party at my home.   I do not have a “dog in this hunt” as some might say.  Between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots,  I prefer Philadelphia to win, because I think the Patriots seem to, every time they have been in this contest.  The last time I actually played football, I was half my present age.  And my dog was actually a better player than me on that day.

We were playing flag football with members of my college fraternity and Senorita was on the sidelines.   That dog loved to chase balls and run, and so she was kept on the sidelines, supposedly under the eye of one of our fraternity mates.   On the opposing team,  my buddy Hal received the handoff and was running pell-mell for the end zone. And then a furry flash of black and gold out into the field  – my dog running passed everyone – heading for a collision with the ball carrier.

20170425_215101And the tackle goes to – Senorita.    Down on the ground, Hal is gasping as the wind was knocked out of him.  Several spectators and teammates come out from the sideline running also.

However, everyone is focused on my Senorita, next to Hal,  yelping.    She is being comforted by numerous hands and lots of “good girl” and “poor girl”.

And Hal?   Gasping but moving slowly to a sitting position (and ignored),

“I’m okay.  Don’t worry about me”.

Senorita still chased balls after that.   But not footballs.   And it is probably safe to say that Hal probably had the wind knocked out of him  again.   After college, he got married, had a son, and as his son grew up, I’m certain, played football with him.  I would hazard a guess that no dogs, other than hot dogs, were allowed during the game.field-sport-ball-america.jpg


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