Book review: My Life in Dog Years

18Last night, I completed a large-print book by Gary Paulsen, given to me for Christmas. This was from a couple who have also been dog-people for decades.   And the large print is easy on my old eyes.  But I digress;   My Life in Dog Years ( Yearling, a Random House division,  publ. 1998) is a wonderful collection of memories of the dogs that were a major part of Gary’s life.

From farm dogs, hunting dogs, to a street dog that defended him from neighborhood bullies, to sled dogs, Gary writes in absolutely captivating prose.  Except that I made myself a pledge to do activities in 5 minute spurts,  I might have obsessively read this little book in one evening!

I enjoy reading, and all the more stories about real lives, outdoorsmen and dogs.    I don’t know how I missed reading anything from this award-winning and prolific writer previously.   I don’t recall whether it was Faulkner or  Stephen King, or a schoolteacher,  but to be a good writer, a person needs to be a hungry reader.  And for a dog-blogger,  other dog storytellers are helpful for improving the craft.

I have some catching up to do.  In five-minute increments.



  1. One of my sons, now 21, read most of Gary Paulsen’s books. I never saw the book you’re referring to. I’m a big chicken when it comes to reading animal books. I have Old Yellar Phobia I suppose. Can’t handle anything happening to the critters.
    I’m happy to have run across your blog. I’m enjoying what I’ve read thus far. I’ll be following from now on.

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