book review: Seeking Hydra

I have a “man-crush” on the creatures,  Yuffie, Hydra, Fuen, Red and others featured in short tales, flash fiction, wonderfully “awful” puns, and illustrations – especially the illustrations – that live in the imagination of Peter Edward’s Little Fears world.    Thousands of fans follow the Fears on WordPress,  Facebook, Twitter or many other social media sites.  I took a day away from blogging yesterday, when the book arrived in the mail, to chill out and enjoy 90 pages of “whimsy”, the book jacket calls it.   There’s very few things a curmudgeon like me will spend on whimsical items: ( I have some “Popeye” wear,  a few “Old Guys Rule”, and even a few Navy-themed tees).
This year, however, 20171206_211750I  bought a t-shirt featuring Fuen.   I own other Fears featured writings,  January (Kindle Edition) and Capricorn.  I blame it on exposure to the British Isles in early childhood.  A mother raised in the North of Ireland.  A strange fascination with MONTY PYTHON humor as a young adult.

I appreciate getting to know through the blogosphere, many witty, insightful, talented and strange people.  If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy Little Fears yet, I insist you take a gander.

After you read more of my nonsense, now and then.






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