tricky dog

If a person is in the least bit allergic to dog hair, dander, slobber or dust then my home is not going to be a pleasant environment.   But,  as of yesterday afternoon, it might be more tolerable.

There are certain life lessons that people should learn nearing the age of sixty.  Particularly when hair-shedding dogs are involved.  And dust.  Lots of dust.   Vacuuming every day not just when the dust bunnies become intolerable – which  means daily and not every third day.  Husbands can help with this chore.

And changing air filters.     Somehow, with my recent (one year)  acquisition of an air conditioning system,  I neglected to associate the movement of air through the house via the  heat exchange system went through a filter – just as I knew for the heating element.

You see I formerly changed the air filter about every 3 to four months during past winters – because of the collection of dust and hair.  – when I had an old cantankerous unit.    And yet, while running the A/C  almost daily since April,  I overlooked that the filter would clog up.

The air conditioning system shut down over the weekend.   When it was between 90 and 100 F.   It was just like the first fifteen years in this house when we had no cooling system.   The service technician came out.

I learned about filters.  I learned about hosing off the air conditioning unit outside.   A lot of crop-ready dust came flushing out of that unit.    And I put the fence project for the section of the yard back on my to-do list.

You see, the dogs love to pee on everything.   Including very expensive air conditioning systems.   Corrosion can set it.    But I nipped it in the bud.   For a couple hundred bucks in service call and life lessons provided by the technician.   A good guy.

You can teach an old dog new tricks.



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  1. Haha! If anyone is allergic to dog slobber, they’d best run in the opposite direction from my house. My elder Dane wasn’t much of a slobberer, but my year-old Dane must be part St Bernard!! You wouldn’t believe his range either!!! Floor to ceiling! If you have any tips on cleaning the stuff, let me know. Elbow grease has been overtaxed!!

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