Hot dogs, “hot dogs”, and Fry-days

On the way home I wanted was compelled to  a hot dog.  Wienerschnitzel, which I have visited perhaps three times in forty years (and when did they drop the “der”, I wondered) hit the taste buds deliciously.    I know the weather report said it was going to be warm — and Octobers have been that for several years around here – but my GOSH,  it is freakin’ warm this afternoon !

The dogs are not outside as I thought.  Nobody had budged from the cool tile floor inside.  It is not that Comet and Dexter are soft; let’s just say they recognize the value of home and feel no urge to wander.    It is a good thing that it is too dang hot to take the fellas out to the park.    That’ll be my morning activity tomorrow.

I got off work this Friday afternoon, burning my vacation hours to get new Internet service.    I’m not complaining.   My company’s satellites and service provide the internet.  A perk for far less than the BIG THREE.

But it is half-way into the service “window”, and I’m still waiting on the Satellite installer…….



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