For whom the bowl tolls

I do not often find a good excuse for getting up early on a work-day.  But shortchanging  the morning walk for my furry friends, as it turned out, set the tone for the day.  And not in a good way.

Dashing out the door at an earlier time seemed to be the same decision of hundreds of my companion commuters Tuesday.      The early appointment I made to have my car serviced near my work should have been a “quick” turnaround – I was the first person to line up.  Nope.  The employee told me that the mechanics did not start work for another hour and fifteen minutes.   ( Yet my oil change apparently was not started for at least 8 hours after I dropped the car off.)

During my breaks through the day,  I tried to resolve a prescription impasse between doctor, pharmacy and insurance company – all of whom were telling me their screens either had no information.  One  informed me that everything was in order — for the previous month but not the current need.   And computers were the culprit for my own lack of progress at work.  A computer issue involving my sign-in having insufficient privileges hampered my testing a new system.     Tossing  qualitative analysis to the wind, my supporting engineer suggested I just replace the components I said were faulty on that system:   if the issue then resolves, that puts everyone’s metrics back on track.  Failure Analysis is a tool that is useful when customers are not demanding daily updates on their warrantied item.

Toward the end of the day the dealer finally called.   I  caught an Uber,  and was off to the dealership by a curious route- heading in the opposite direction!    By the time I collected Harry (if you follow “Everyone Else Has the Best Titles” blog you’ll have read about naming cars),  I was ready to head toward home.  Twenty miles later,  I realized that I had forgotten that my fuel gauge was -that morning – nearly empty.  And approaching six o’clock, with my gauge now in the “red”,  I prayed not to sputter to a stop in highway traffic.  I made it to a gas station.

Last night, our bible study group met,  so when I finally got home, I was basking in the  feeling that something from start to finish went well today.    I took note of Dexter’s commentary on his day.   His empty food bowl was pushed out into the center of the dining /living room floor.    In the grand scheme of things,  happiness goes to the dogs.


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