Moon-day Monday

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Benjamin Franklin

Getting up more than an hour early on the first work day of the week, and feeling rested,  I am enjoying an opportunity to read a few blogs and write.   And of course, this is the “BIG ECLIPSE” day.  Thousands of people from Oregon to Saint Louis to South Carolina are probably getting ready to witness something that has not occurred in 40 years within the vantage point of the United States.   And I am neither prepared with the proper eyewear nor a “pinhole” camera.  But the morning has its routine that I need to prepare for – getting ready for the work commute follows a morning walk for Dexter and Comet.

Dexter and Comet have not stirred yet this morning, so I have a few minutes to get a cup of coffee before my move to the kitchen  triggers the “walkie” reflex in the beasts.

  • Healthy.  But for a dozen kilos I should lose, I’m doing well for a Monday.
  • Wealthy.  Not true.  The tax man and home and car maintenance needs assure me of this.
  • Wise.  I’m still employed and I can read.   So I am teachable.

It’s Monday.  The critters are stirring. And I need to get a cup of coffee.


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