Writer’s bloc

A trip to Idyllwild, California is an opportune escape.  It is a treat planned by my spouse, a trade of an air conditioned home and HBO, for our sons to watch Dexter and Comet for a few days.

Many find entertainment this weekend in San Diego with Comicon this weekend; writers, outdoorsmen, and us have headed to the mountains, trails and a bungalow retreat here.  Among artists, bikers, and dog-people, a walk around town, a lunch outdoors, and a brief, delicious nap:  I have my writing Muse.

Writers know that sometimes things are there in the drawer for decades before they finally come out and you are capable of writing about them. Gunter Grass

The bungalow’s library is full of books.  Japanese rice paper prints, a welcome in Hindu, a small bust, and an Italian-style “Napoli” print  welcome the traveler.

Some writers confuse authenticity, which they ought always to aim at, with originality, which they should never bother about. W. H. Auden

Tomorrow, a fresh start.   The young may have more energy but we have as much zeal for a little hiking adventure.  And maybe a little inspiration – after trying out new trekking poles.


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