Prayer and the Kaizen* of dog-walking

For some folks, picturing yourself on a lonely Hawaiian beach is the best remedy for the stress of working very long and hard days.   But for me and most of my fellow workers,  today was a typical work day for an end-of-Quarter Thursday.    By that I mean, controlled chaos.   When things have to be re-done, detailed in a report, quickly tested, make any last-minute adjustments, packaged and passed to the next stage of the processing that ultimately results in a shipment.  Oh,  and this usually has upper managers “knowing you’ll get the job done”. You can tell the new digital-equivalent-of-the-clipboard guy (stressed-out) – by the 4 times per hour check – exhorting us for any possibility of working faster.  And my Expediter peer, whose station I was using to get these widgets reworked, was thanking me for being so pleasant.  It’s always your peers who understand the common end-goal even though the times are crazy.   But the new guy will get a handle on it.  He’s a pro and this just was his first fiscal Quarter.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
– Henry David Thoreau

For the end-of-Quarter follies,  I was, from beginning to end of the day, unusually calm.  Busy, yes, but calm.     I had bracketed my day with a dog-walk.  AND a really good night’s rest.   And an easier commute.  Yes,  perhaps it was the Thursday before a fiscal Quarter for most businesses, and  before a holiday (though the Fourth falls on TUESDAY,  was reason for lighter than normal traffic.  Or was it really due to leaving for work a half-hour before the usual early-birds  and the return commute an hour after others in my similar situation for their bosses were started on second shift.

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.  -Thomas Jefferson

I’m planning to ramp up walks.   My Fitbit tells me I’m well on my way toward a half-million steps walked this year.   Walking heals the body and soul.   And I hope, takes more weight off  though I may have to double my intensity to do so.  I’m talking here about Dexter and Comet,  who are a little bit on the sturdy side.   I still am trying to lose 30 pounds.  The work stress of the last few years did not help.  But now, I have a great time with a dog-walk starting the day, one ending the day,  and in the process spending time with our two beasts.

**defined: a business philosophy or system that is based on making positive changes on a regular basis, as to improve productivity.

an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuousimprovement.

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