Sons shine in “June gloom”

And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. -Matthew 3: 9 (NIV)

20170318_072853The mist burns off quickly in the morning at the park these days, so 7 AM is the best time to meet my friends for a hike and prayer-time.  I have written about this before, but most every Saturday Man and beast(s) meet  at the Mission Trails park.   Now,  with a balanced morning for soul and marrow,  my writing calls me hither.   And it is a good time, for Comet and Dexter breakfast done,  now settle into their respective cushions for a nap.

The scripture I thought about this morning as we walked along the trail was both comforting and a call to action.  20170513_100026-EFFECTS Our merry band of “Brothers from other Mothers”, as one calls us,  is generally four in number.  One or two may have other plans once a month, but generally we have all been hiking together for several years.   In a world that is growing increasingly cynical and self-serving – one never knows when some crazy person or malevolent group will interrupt ordinary lives – we know the “open secret” of living for the Resurrection.   Given our “great commission”, and eagerly fulfilling a freely-adopted purpose are two different things however.

But believing that our lives are better for being a child of GOD,  I want to fulfill my purpose:   to invite neighbors and as yet unmet friends to see Jesus lived out in our flesh. For a God that created the Universe out of a vacuum in a Big Bang,  can surely raise up new men and women to share in the gift of Eternity with Him out of the rocks I walked over and through today.

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