doggie crack

Who else wonders whether human teenagers eat as much as rambunctious dogs?  Or is it perhaps the other way ’round?   All I can say is that the dogs eat well. But now I have started to buy the weight-management formula dog chow.   And without teens in the home anymore, the human food still disappears.  I tell my wife the scale LIES!!!!   I need to be more discriminating in the snacks kept at home (or in my office).

While last year I was researching dog food on the Internet and comparing the bone meal and by-products ingredient labels on individual products,   I settled for a while on two brands that got good reviews.   This year I figured out, if COSTCO sells it, I can be fairly assured that it does not contain mine tailings from far-away processing plants in Mexico, Utah or Uzbekistan.  20170531_192036

While I know people who want to give their pets fancy snacks — at a price per ounce approaching  gold (!)  – I usually stick with plain dog biscuits.   In a weak moment, I got some “duck jerky”.  Tonight was the second time since opening the bag that i gave out a duck treat.   I rarely offer a testimonial but these treats are ‘doggie crack’.

But then I looked on the label and the countries of origin caught my eye.  These are European ducks.   Apparently,  my dogs have developed a taste for haute cuisine from Germany and Romania!   I wonder if my blogging friend is aware of some ‘fowl’ play in his country: duck exports.   But I’m wondering if there is another market here at home.   I should see whether I can find a recipe for gopher dog jerky.  There seems to be an unlimited supply of the unwanted critters within my neighborhood.    20170531_192126



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