If hospitality were a form of art

If Hospitality  was an art form, would you practice it in the Abstract?  After a quick dusting the hair away,  as the dog-lover do you offer your guest the comfy chair?  Or as Post-Modernist?  greet your guest at the front door with one dog bouncing; another thrusting head forward to be scratched?   Or perhaps, different mediums?  in oils, or clay or origami,  as your dogs gift your guest with drool, dusty squeaky toys, or a paper napkin “found’ in the kitchen trash?



  1. Could it be that I fall under the Abstract – Post Modernist – Picasso form??? …. Yes, I’m dusting dog hairs off furniture (the dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture but that doesn’t apply to the hair) and wiping away slobbers or that wet sniff/sneeze! We do have it together when it’s me and my husband sitting in the living room with Rango and Scarlett relaxing, all is calm and quiet but watch out when the grand kids or girls come over for a visit!!! Pure excitement and joy – the Picasso. (Scarlett/Rango sit, leave the cat alone, stay!) Love the comparison! Fun post.

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