wet dogs and dog-men

rainThe rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain,  so the nursery rhyme goes.  When it rains in Spain are not illustrated, but then it’s a nursery rhyme, not a weather report.   My one visit to Spain spent several days in Cartagena on Mediterranean coast province of Murcia.  It was warm and dry.  Southern California is a lot weather-wise, like southern Spain   Maybe, like this weekend,  it falls all at once and then goes away.

Since mid-afternoon yesterday,  Comet and Dexter have had the opportunity to go outside, but have been waiting on me to take them for a walk.  In the pouring rain. Pouring.  Then, for a moment’s tease before we got ready for church, it was dry.  The sun came out.  I took a few steps outside to the car.  And it resumed raining.

Half-joking,  I thought I would take the dog-shampoo and Comet outside while it poured.  I did not get to complete that thought as we had to leave for church. The sermon today talked about having resolve to remain mission-focused: exhibit integrity,  exercise discipline, take courage  and to model humility.  As the rain is still falling,  I am feeling a lazy Sunday coming on.  But this is contrary to being mission-focused.   Am I feeling guilt-urged to walk the dogs?  I  want to write.   Now everything’s getting put off because I am looking at the rain and pondering my responsibilities.

Rain, rain, go away,  Come back another day. Preferably Monday.   I still need to walk Dexter and Comet.   I am thinking what else would be a fine Sunday pastime.

Asking the missus to bake some rainy-day chocolate chip cookies.

But then there would still be the dogs to walk.  And wet-dog and chocolate chip cookies are not aromas I care to mix.



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