Fighting mad

via 20 Dogs Rescued From Suspected Calif. Dog-Fighting Operation | NBC 7 San Diego

I am shocked to learn that dog-fighting is still prevalent in the United States although outlawed in all 50 states.   And that the Internet makes organizing and keeping the fights secretive easier.  But the Federal government has instituted laws to levy heavy fines and jail time to both the participants and the spectators of dog fights.  it  seems that it is manpower to investigate and prosecute the offenders that is the hardest to mobilize in times of so many budget struggles.  While the American Staffordshire Terrier, or Pitbull is often the breed used in dog-fighting in the United States, it is not the only breed and not the only country where this continues.

Dog-lovers and responsible pet owners should band together to become the eyes and ears to protect these animals.   I’m going to study available resources from the ASPCA and other dog groups to learn more about animal cruelty and detecting the signs that training or support for dog fighting might be present.   ( I never knew that treadmills were used to train fighting dogs!)

And now for a ray of sunshine:  read that a recent anonymous donation of more than $100, 000 doubles the Spirit Fund that was instituted in San Diego County Animal Services after a dog was brought back to health in 2008 after a near-fatal case of abuse.  It supports the medical needs of sick and injured animals while the county prepares them for adoption.



      1. Oh geez, I know what you mean! 😂 My cat throws up so often it’s become routine, we can at least get her to do it on the tile though lol!


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