Saturdays, breakfast is always Plan “B”

doggie-friendly cafe


Mornings,  the boys know if I sleep past 5:45 AM, must mean it is Saturday;   that means,  a walk in the park is coming!    I point the dog-car in the direction of the Mission Trails Regional Park.  They know where we are going.  But today our walking companions must have slept in, so the three of us take a short walk through the park.

Alternate Plan “B” is always welcome for both Man and Beast(s);  a brief call to my friend Dan – who has slept in — and we thought it a great morning to meet at the Lake Murray Cafe in La Mesa (California) a short drive from the park.   I’ve been coming here three or four times a year for the last several years – first with Happy and Sydney, with Dexter, and now with Dexter and Comet.

While I don’t give the guys scraps from breakfast, Comet in particular shouldn’t have been hungry.  After dinner last night,  Comet helped himself to a whole coffee pastry that was left on our dining table when we went to dinner with friends.  That would have been my wife and I’s petit dejeuner this morning had Comet not gotten it first.









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