Naps, Cat-less, please

For the entire week leading up to Daylight Savings Time being rolled back to standard time (Spring Forward!!),  I have been jealous that the dogs take naps every day. wp-image-985748375jpg.jpg

lunch-time nap devoutly wished

About the time I arrived at the middle of the work-week, I was no busier that the normal insanity of the work routine, but Wednesday’s are challenging on mind and body.  By Wednesday, traffic jams make the return home twice as long as the morning commute. Lots of engineering work.   Meetings. Decisions. Priorities.  Revised priorities.  Coordinating with other department folks.    And when you have a reputation for getting the job done, it dogs you.   With all due respect to felines, a dog -nap is devoutly to be wished.

a reverent nap (Grace, not by works)

As an active member of my church community,  we habitually meet together in the middle of the week (Wednesday evenings) in small groups of married couples.  It has been refreshing after a long work-day to get together for a meal together and some Bible application to help our marriages.   And we will often get together at other times of the week individually for some hang -time with the guys like a Saturday morning hike.  I must confess, there are times I would like to emulate the dogs and just nap instead!

Maybe today?   Ah, but there are things to do, appointments to keep, and working from home this morning, a nap is a luxury to put off — till  sometime this weekend.    Maybe Daylight Savings Time can hold off a little while???cropped-20161211_091921





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