Tuesday’s Child


Yesterday’s homecoming was a symptom of parental neglect.  Dexter and Comet did not get much of a walk during  the previous two days because of weather.  By Tuesday,  Dexter and Comet were typical 5-year old kids anxious to get to recess.   But I had to get to work by a certain time that day and only gave the dogs a walk to the street corner and back.

Twelve hours later – we had gathered with our church fellowship of “Empty Nesters” for an evening meal after work – we returned home.    Dirty paw prints -everywhere – were visible from the open front door. (Sheri, arriving fifteen minutes earlier,  had picked up the kitchen garbage can contents spread throughout the living room already).

Dexter was taking the scolding for both of them;  Comet was apparently in full denial and unconcerned-mode.    We ALL knew that in all the six years with Dexter he was not the culprit here.    But Comet!   DIRTY PAW PRINTS ON ALL THE KITCHEN COUNTERS????  Separation anxiety?  Homeless dog syndrome?   Comet was wolfing down his food while I was pulling my jacket back on and getting the leashes.  A fast-paced, invigorating walk later, I fell into bed.

After long-walk up and down the hills this morning should set the dogs up for success.       Coffee in hand, I was in the living room ready to start the day.   In the morning light, I glanced out at the patio.  The shredded remains of a Home Depot manure-compost bag lay near a vast black, muddy mess with dozens of paw prints leading to the doggie-door.      And yet the Cactus-mix potting soil bag was pristine and untouched.   “Dogs prefer manure 2 to 1 over Cactus Blend”,  I thought.

I should make a customer review on the Home Depot website.  Or perhaps on PetFinders.

Are you feeling anxious?   Go play in the dirt!   If you have dogs,  have floor tile impervious to dirt, grime,  dog hair and lots of scrubbing foam.   After  fourteen years that we’ve had dogs in this house,  I’m ‘Tuesday’s child, full of Grace’.






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