No place for Lukewarm

I appreciate dogs for their capacity to adapt to conditions that they may have little control over.  I am particularly sensitive to the plight of the dog that is stray,  abandoned, abused or treated as a fashion accessory.   But the amazing quality of the dog to recover from such conditions, to heal from psychological or physical wounds and to thrive in a setting that is healthy for dog and human pack leader requires commitment on the part of the human.  The dog is already pre-wired to follow a pack leader.  There is no place for the angry, indolent or self-absorbed person for whom a canine companion is a burden, an object to abuse, ignore or discard.  Be hot or be cold,  the Bible says;  either have a dog that you fully commit five, ten or twenty years to being the pack lead, or never take responsibility for that animal.  There is no place for lukewarm in any endeavor or relationship.


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