with apologies to Dostoyevsky

Dogs love routine. Walks, Feeding, sleeping.  But especially walks.  And they don’t understand  ‘Cold and Flu Season’ that humans succumb to.  Why that should be any interruption to their routine?

Though people for generations have  gotten ill during the cold and wetter seasons of the year,  every time I get ill – in Dolby THX and Technicolor in the worst of times,   I start thinking about Raskolnikov,  the tuberculin, anti-hero of the novel Crime and Punishment.   While Dostoyevsky’s character became delusional, murderous and wracked by guilt, I think had he dogs to feed, walk, and to comfort him, the storyline would have been completely different.

After a Friday night swilling the generic Nyquil,  I woke to familiar furry faces at my bedside wondering if the man was ready to take them out.   I don’t have TB.    I can let the dogs out; WOOF, WOOF! *   A cup of tea, hot shower, hacking up a lung, and a couple swigs of the daytime cold remedy later,  out we went.

  •  lyrics, Who let the Dogs Out, recorded by the Baha Men, 2000



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