What is so alluring about a dog’s ear?

Slurping is where I draw the line.  I put up with it when a co-worker would eat soup in the office we shared.  After all, I work with him and interact perhaps a dozen times a week.

But DEXTER !  What the heck is with a dog that will lick Comet’s ear two or three,  ten minute sessions?   We had several friends over for our weekly Christian small group study.  The early stages was devoted to getting the dogs to make their hellos and then leave everyone alone.

In the middle of a powerful point and response, there’s that W#@$@#%  slurping!   Dexter must get an idea that Comet needs that ear looked at.   It was so bad that last week I had a vet look at his ear on a post-adoption follow-up appointment.

I don’t know what is the deal with ears.  The only attention my ears get from my significant other, my missus,  is when she spots an errant hair.  And then it is her mission to PLUCK it out.    But at least she doesn’t have the same affinity for my ears that Dexter has for Comet.


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