Ain’t got a dog in this hunt

“Politics are not my concern…. They impressed me as a dog’s life without a dog’s decencies”.   – Rudyard Kipling

As a ‘recovering Political Scientist” by education,  I have tried diligently in  recent years  to overcome the urge to opine. When political parties come into power and go out of power, there are apologists, “insiders”, critics, and revolutionaries who pontificate on cable, via Facebook, write books or march on city halls across the nation.  As a man of faith in  universal order and Supreme Authority,  all the sound and fury (thanks, Shakespeare) signifying nothing.  The sun will rise tomorrow.

Other than noting the long-delayed,  though taxpayer-funded,  city animal shelter, I have restricted my diet of local politics.  I may have to question the town mayor about that.   As for the national arena,  yesterday was a big day for the Top Dog in American politics, President Trump, whom I understand is not a dog-man. But it was just another day for Comet and Dexter at home, if a very wet one. I will have to keep a weather-eye on his Administration.  I generally trust a man who has a retriever-breed dog in his life.

governor  Other political dogs, including the California establishment, mark their territory with pronouncements of dire environmental problems – drought, too many cars, too many smokers and never enough money.   All of this designed to raise alarm and jostle for the head of the Pack.  And even Dexter can tell  when it is raining or the sun is shining.   So much for the dogged pursuit of Truth.


As for me and my pack,  if the Government mandates controls on dog biscuits, closes dog parks, or continues to divert funds from animal shelter remodeling, there will be a new pit-stop on our daily walks.  Federal, State, County, and city edifices make great markers.  I will , however, bring a number of the fecal bags.  It’s a mandate now to pay for the plastic bags that were ruining the environment for free.



















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