the Existential Canine

Existentialism means that no one else can take a bath for you.
– Delmore Schwartz,  American poet, d. 1966

There’s a pet groomer not far from us that Dexter visited for the first time today.  I should have known about Cat n Doggie Works for some time as it is next door to Rose Donuts  and on the other side by Judy Veterinary Clinic.  Perhaps it is revealing that most of the time, the groomer said, people when calling for directions recognize the donut shop.

Upon entering the little shop, two very relaxed cats, a fluffy orange Persian mix and a black cat greeted us.  And ‘helped’ me fill out the paperwork as I stood at the counter.   Dexter was ushered back to the salon as the cats continued their assistance.   I don’t know whether the critters that visit Works get special treats, aroma therapy, or have someone reading poetry  while they are groomed.  But an incoming wiggly happy Boxer (and her accompanying humans) was greeted as an old friend as I arrived to pick Dexter up.
Maybe it’s karma that all the years I have had pets, I rarely if ever took one to a groomer.  However, my budget these days has room for grooming as it does for my periodic visit to Supercuts.     And I find that shampooing canines in our shower is just tedious as changing the oil in the ‘dog car’ or cutting my hair myself.  (and labor intensive before, during and afterward.)   It is functional, but not very pampering to the subject of the service.

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