Friday caffeinated humor


There are mornings that I  can sleep through Dexter and Comet’s routine walk time.  This was one of those days.  It caps off one of those weeks.   Between the work commutes,  long days,  family drama, family homecoming, church, and now a little tweaked spot under my shoulder blades,  I have had a hard time sleeping.  It’s affected my blogging routine as well.    But perhaps some of this is my own doing.   I have been way, way over caffeinated this week.  A couple of cups in the morning at home.  A stop at Starbucks on the way TO or on the way FROM work one or two days.   Some pre-workout energize drink late in the day.    And a lot of water consumed even late into the afternoon.   Which of course, means a few trips out of bed during the night.

Asked what I plan to do this evening with the weekend just hours away,  I am thinking of sleeping.   Dozing.   Catnaps.   Pretty exciting things to look forward to.   Of course,  I owe the dogs a lot of exercise for being so tolerant this week.   So perhaps less sleeping is what will be on the calendar.




  1. Man, that was an awesome video! Just what I needed. Thanks for posting it. I think I may make that my theme song.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. There are no aches that a series of catnaps, dozings, and sleepings can’t cure. Unfortunately, they sometimes give you NEW aches. Totally worth it, though.

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    1. Thanks Biff! I get plenty of aches just dealing with “cannot duplicate customer failure” reports! later tonight some medicinal bourbon and a catnap will make it all go away — temporarily.

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