6 Hacks to a Healthy Dog and Happy Neighbors

This week’s  Guest Blogger: Jenny Perkins

 Jenny is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.

Healthy dog and happy neighbors

There is no doubt about the fact that pets bring immeasurable joy to our lives, but all the happiness and fun is coupled with significant responsibilities. Dog ownership comes with a set of challenges, and the most important one is providing the correct training to your furry companion. At times we do come across dogs that don’t display appropriate behavior and get frustrated at the innocent animals but what’s important is to remember that the animal can’t be blamed for bad behavior instead it is the owner’s fault for not teaching the animal what is and what isn’t acceptable.

Although dogs are happy and loving creatures and it is almost impossible to get angry at them for something, but poor training or lack of dog-ownership etiquette may annoy your neighbors. So to prevent your dog from getting into any trouble and ensure peace in your abode, here are six hacks that you can follow to become a better pet-parent

Make Sure Your Furry Companion is Up to Date on Vaccinations

Keeping your dog free of parasites and properly vaccinated is crucial for his health and prevents other people and pets from infectious diseases. Furthermore, the proof of vaccinations can be helpful if you decide to travel with your pet. Also, don’t miss on your pup’s regular checkups to prevent any infection or disease and enable him to live a long healthy life.

Prevent Excessive Barking by Following These Tips

Barking is a habit that can agitate your neighbors quickly and it may be an indication that your dog has a problem, so fixing the issue is crucial for both your pup’s and neighbor’s well-being. Try finding out the factors that cause your dog to bark and eliminate these triggers.  For instance, if your dog has separation anxiety, then desensitize your anxious puppy. You can also hire a trainer or a dog-walker to visit your pooch during the day. If the barking is due to boredom, then provide toys to your pooch and make sure he is exercised regularly. Similarly, make sure that all possible causes are minimized or eliminated, it may take some time but keep trying patiently.

Clean Up After Your Dog on Walks

A golden rule of pet-ownership etiquettes is to scoop out the poop. Always be sure to carry some extra disposal bags when you take your pooch for a walk around the block or step anywhere out; you don’t want to ruin your neighbor’s afternoon stroll by leaving your dog’s poop as a present awaiting them. Make sure you don’t allow your pooch to pee on anything that a human would come into physical contact with such as trash cans or flowers in a garden.

Ensure that Your Pup is Well-Behaved at the Dog Park

Taking your pup to the park can be an excellent way for both of you to socialize with people from the neighborhood but remember it is crucial to ensure that your pooch doesn’t harm any other dog. Don’t allow him to bully other pups by pouncing on them or nipping their necks. Also, make sure your dog does have some other source of activity at home as excess energy at the park may annoy other dogs that your pup wants to play with. Be careful while letting your pooch interact with new-comers at the park as you never know how the other dog interprets your pup’s friendly gestures. It may even lead to a fight if the other dog feels threatened so be vigilant during such interactions.

Follow the Local Leash Laws

Complying with the leash laws is crucial for your pup’s safety as well as for protecting other people around so don’t let your dog go outside without one. Many people tend to get nervous when an unknown, unleashed dog runs up to greet them, so it is best to prevent such situations. Get a comfortable harness or leash that provides you control over your dog and can create a sense of safety for your neighbors.

Teach Your Dog Pet Etiquettes for Meeting New People

Dogs are friendly creatures, so it is okay if your pooch wants to express affection. But if you are aware of certain habits that may annoy those that don’t know him then take the essential steps to prepare your pup before allowing him to interact with neighbors and guests. Train your dog to greet people calmly instead of jumping over them and teach essential commands such as “wait” and “sit” to ensure that they are well-behaved in public.  Also, take a few extra steps such as exercising your pooch whenever you are expecting company at your home and providing sources of mental stimulation such as toys to keep him engaged.


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  1. What a great post! Walter and Greta need a behaviorist! Does Jenny make house calls? Seriously though, if she does work with owners remotely, I’d love to hire her to give me guidance on how to deal with dominance issues. Also, I went to Here Pup! and couldn’t see how to follow it. I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious. Eric, thanks for sharing this! ❤️ 🐾 ❤️

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