Coyotes in Carlsbad


Dexter and Comet had their outing with me Saturday morning to our routine hike in the park. I’d been with them all day so they were not particularly put out that it was a date night for me and my Missus.

We went out tonight to encourage a dear friend whose birthday celebration she had delayed so she could have friends come to a special evening. Her niece Cassie’s band performed tonight. And what a rockin’ time it was. Whether it was 80’s hits all knew or one of today’s hits, this band nailed it. And the “dance floor” was crowded with couples from age thirty to eighty!

The Coyote Grill in Carlsbad is in the heart of the nightlife zone, though no coyote were in attendance. But there were all sorts of other species. And there was one particular gent, a colorful if elder hipster, inspiring me to think he may have been seeking a lost decade. Pink-rimmed shades, shirt open to the navel, and coiffed hair I haven’t seen since the early 1980s.

“If you remember the Sixties, did you ever really experience it”?

I may go again. As long as the performers start early. My bedtime and my ZzyQuil nightcap go down at 10 on weekends and 9 the rest of the week!



  1. I spent a month in southern California last summer, helping a sister pack up and move back east. Your post somehow reminds me of the great weather I experienced (just south of LA) and the ability to be outside so much of the time. She also has a great dog — found as a puppy in Baja many years ago — with whom I walked a lot in the hills above her apartment in Laguna Niguel. She had seen many coyotes in her neighborhood over the years, but I did not see any during my month there… Hurrah so many people of so many ages getting onto a dance floor with live music!!!

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