hot wings and cupcakes

It is Mother’s Day this Sunday.  We have the special feasting day covered.  But for our family, it has been a culinary weekend already.  Our oldest son, daughter-in-law (and grandson-to-be), and the happy grandparents ate Mexican food on the way in from the airport Thursday night.  Friday, we had dinner with them at Olive Garden.

After my routine dog-walk this morning, but only with Comet and not Dexter (my middle son took Dexter out this morning) I was still digesting.  But between breakfast at our friends’ home this morning, a quick run to Costco ( and a couple samples), a little work in the yard,  we found ourselves at a hot wings restaurant.  Our daughter-in-law pulled off a successful surprise party for her husband.   He only realized something odd when he caught a glimpse of his mom and one of his best friends at the restaurant Mandy suggested they eat in the middle of “errands”.

Hot wings, breadsticks and cupcakes – none of which I should have eaten, when I think about the last two days- totally collapsed my diet regimen for this week.  And tomorrow,  we make the trek to our son’s country club, for the third Mother’s Day Brunch in as many years.    Ah heck,  all I have to do is ride a bicycle from here to Canada to burn off all the carbohydrates and calories.   Or go back to work on Monday.  By Friday, I will have lost the 3 pounds gained from this weekend.

Maybe that is the real reason my youngest son finds reasons not to spend time with family.  He’s  a recovering “foodie”.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



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