wet dogs’ writing day


I grew up watching a lot of variety shows, sitcoms, and some very clever comedians and improvisational shows.  The Carol Burnett Show, the Tonight Show (with Johnny Carson),  or Monty Python’s Flying Circus were some.   As an adult,  Home Improvement, Everybody Loves Raymond, and King of Queens would make “average families” amusing.   These days,  television entertainment has had talent shows, singing contests, and political circuses.

Well, Tuesday night might have been one of those inspirational evenings.  I spent a lot of time blogging.  With damp dog “aromatherapy” filling the house, the rain lulling the dogs to sleep, my second evening of twanging on a guitar  (I now have the string order memorized! *    And my loving wife was punching away on a bag in the “exercise” room.  With my guitar-tuning exercise complete for another evening,  I have some idea for musical flash fiction.

  • punching my way back to you, love   – a boxer’s love song.  Given a standing-8 count out by the Four Seasons
  • tears and dog hair on my pillow –  mood music for a dog groomer, but not quite right for the musical Grease
  • You cant tune a guitar but you can tuna fish  – a tone-deaf roadie’s short tour with REO Speedwagon

Comet is great at improv.  He’s trying right now to type this words into my computer:

“Only you can take me for a walk;   only she can fill my empty bowl…..” 

Hmm.  If not a fiction writer,  I can always let Comet write country music lyrics.

* Earl Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Earl  (Thanks to the Marty Schwartz YouTube channel)


  1. Great post! I especially liked the “damp dog aromatherapy” imagery. I could practically smell it!

    I loved all those old variety shows and grew up watching them. I still get to enjoy Johnny Carson. He comes on Antenna TV every night (which is free, over the air, with my brand spankin’ new HD “rabbit ears” antenna).

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      1. Lol!

        Yes, dogs certainly have their own very unique “pong”, don’t they? But I don’t know what’s worse … wet dog … or sweaty dog. When our dogs used to go outside in the summer for 5 minutes to “use the facilities”, they would come back in the house smelling like a herd of pungent yaks.

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  2. Being the proud caregiver to four large, often quite pungent dogs who now own the house, I know whereof ye speaketh. Each of the dogs have their own scent, exacerbated when dampened. The black and tan coon hound wins for all around musky funk. I hear it’s best for hounds to blend in with their environment while on the hunt. This girl is now trying to make our abode embrace her aroma and I’m fighting it all the way. You might wish to buy stock in Febreeze. Hmmm You haven’t lived till you smell “Single Stare Sadie.” She’s often the subject of my writing and photos. Lots of fodder from our dogs, huh. What would we write without them?

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    1. After a while, it is less obvious, isn’t it. But perhaps that is why most non -pungent- dog owners, and non-pet people ask us to come over to THEM for a visit from time to time! Thank you for your insight!

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