In the mountains, only lizards hear you wheeze


Thirty years ago, I used to admire the “grit” of those old people with their walking sticks, black socks, and funky hats walking mountain trails.  Now I am one – except for the black socks part.  The Devil’s Slide Trail to the Saddle Junction, where it intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail was our task today.   With the trailhead nearly 6400 foot elevation above sealevel, my wife and I chuckled that heavy breathing in the parking lot was signs of us as novices.  “Heading to Tahquitz Peak today folks?”, the Ranger looked at our trail pass. “We’re planning just to the Saddle for today”, I replied.   I hoped my bright orange daypack and too-shiny new trekking poles, gave us some credibility.  We had snacks, plenty of water, and sunscreen. And I had a trail locator app on my phone, to answer the question, ” dear Lord, how much further!?”










    1. A group of 3 girls and a guy were coming up the trail as we headed down; two girls were up ahead a bit and mentioned they’re going up to show their friend some great vistas to take pictures. The girl with him, as we passed, definitely had that “are we there yet!” look. He was nonstop talking…..

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